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Current Version: 1212
Ranger and Tier1 complete!
The first two stages of Tier1 (darknessfalls) are now complete!

The first 7 sets of armor (Residual Aftermath, Holy Angelic, Savage Draconic, Wrathful Phoenix, Smouldering Brimstone, Foreboding Eclipse, Dreadful Incognito and 30 brand new Mythical Socketables) now drop from normal boss loot chests!

The second 9 sets of armor (Reactive Aftermath, Pious Angelic, Dire Draconic, Baneful Phoenix, Tempered+Hardened Brimstone, Harrowing+Prophesied Eclipse, and Vile Incognito) now drop from tier1 Challenge chests, where you must fulfill a specific condition for the loot to be received.

The Ranger now has all 30 skills developed and is going through balance and grammar alterations. The class will be completed very shortly and offers unique melee and ranged options that you won't find anywhere else!
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Planned Features
  • Stage 3 Darknessfalls: The Elemental Crypt.
  • Continuing to build upon the Ember Steps
  • Paladin to be reworked